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The rich young ruler - by James Archer

Drama based on the story of the rich young ruler from Mark 10:17-31.


Jesus   (intoning) ….. and now may God Almighty watch over you, Esther, and show his love to you, Reuben, all the days of                your life; Amen.  Now, run along, children, I must be moving on.  (Starts to leave)

Ruler   (Getting out of a pew across several people)  Excuse me, good sir, kind lady, I must talk to him ….. (falling on his knees)            Good teacher!  What must I do to inherit eternal life?

Jesus   Good teacher?  No-one is good except God alone.  (Pause)

Ruler   Teacher, how can I have ….. er ….. it ….. what you’ve got?

Jesus   Well, you know the commandments – don’t murder, don’t commit adultery, don’t steal, don’t lie, honour your father and            mother …..

Ruler   (Cutting in)  Yes, teacher, I know all those, I’ve kept them since childhood.  But there’s something more to it than that …..            isn’t there?

Jesus   Yes, there is.  For you, just one more thing …..

Ruler   (Eagerly)  What is it?  I’d do anything …..

Jesus   Then go!  Sell everything you’ve got and give it to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.  Then come, follow              me!

Ruler   But teacher!  You don’t know what you’re asking of me!  I’ve got a small fortune back home.  You can’t mean all of it!              (Slowly realises that he does)  No ….. it’s too much (Walks away sadly).

Jesus   (To disciples, who are at the front of the congregation)  How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God!  (Disciples          look at each other in amazement)  Children, how hard it is for those who trust in riches to enter the kingdom of God!  It is          easier for ….. a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God!

Peter  (Bewildered)  Then, who can be saved?

Jesus   By man, no-one, but not so with God.  All things are possible with God.

Peter  Look, Lord, we’ve left everything to follow you.  Are we OK?

Jesus   I tell you the truth, no-one who has left home or friends or parents or children or jobs for me and the gospel will fail to                receive a hundred times as much in this world, and eternal life to boot in the next.  But many who are first will be last, and          the last first.  Come, we must go – to Jerusalem, where I must leave you. (Exeunt)

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