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Dear Galatian idiots - by James Archer

Cast: Paul and Silas.  Scene: Paul’s house in Antioch.


Silas   (Paul is revealed at prayer.  Enter Silas, carrying a letter)  Paul!

Paul    What is it, Silas?

Silas   A letter from Iconium.  Bad news, I’m afraid.  The nit-pickers have convinced them they have to earn their way to heaven.

Paul    No!  They can’t!  What do they say?

Silas   (Reading)  “What you say seems too good to be true.  Some people from Jerusalem are telling us it is.  They say we have           to follow all the rules God gave to Moses.  What do you say?”

Paul    Grab a pen, Silas.  I must reply immediately (Silas sits down at desk with pen and paper). “From Paul, an apostle of Jesus           Christ, to my dear friends in Galatia.  I am astonished to hear that you are turning away from the glorious gospel of                   Christ.  How could you?   If anyone could earn their way to heaven, I would have done so. But it’s rubbish.  Rubbish!                 None of us is good enough.  Do you want to be slaves to rules again?  Did Christ die for nothing?


          “Dear Galatian idiots, who has bewitched you?  Are you so stupid?  Don’t you remember your joy when you received the           Holy Spirit?  Don’t you remember how we lived out what we taught you when we were with you?  You would have done           anything for us, you loved us so much, and cared for me when I was ill.  And now?  You think rules are more important             than the Holy Spirit.  I’m afraid I have wasted my time with you.


          “Live by the Spirit.  For the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-           control.  My dear brothers, may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.” (Exeunt)

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