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The call of Jeremiah - by James Archer

This is designed as an enacted extract form an all-age service.  

Cast: The service leader; a teenage Jeremiah in the congregation. Change the name of the service leader to the person's actual name.


Leader           I am now going to ask Jeremiah to lead the next part of our service.  (No-one moves.  Leader points at a boy of                    pathfinder age, and addresses him including his surname.)  Yes, you, Jeremiah ………………  Out you come!


 Jeremiah       Hang on a minute, Robin.  I don’t know what to say


Leader          That’s OK.  I’ll tell you what to say.


Jeremiah        Look, Robin, I’m only a schoolkid.


Leader           I know.  But you’re the right person for the job.


Jeremiah        Can’t you find someone else?  I really don’t want to do it.


Leader           That’s enough excuses.  Do exactly what I tell you, and don’t be afraid – I will stay with you and sort out any                         problems.  Now, Jeremiah, look at this.  (Holds up watch) – what do you see?


Jeremiah         A watch.


Leader           That is right – for I am watching to see that you do what I tell you.  Now, read out this verse (gives him a card                       with the verse and song on) and then announce this song…………………..      

Printable and editable Word version

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