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New Testament dramas

Dramas in this section are presented in order of when they first appear in the Bible.  There are separate pages for Christmas dramas and Passion & Easter dramas.

Fishing                                          Two versions of Jesus calling the first disciples from Matthew 4, Mark 1 and Luke 5

The meek shall inherit the earth          A notice based on the beatitude from Matthew 5:5

Rise and shine                                Letting our light shine, based on Matthew 5:14-16

Gardeners' Question Time                Jesus' teaching on recognising fruits, based on Matthew 7:15-19

The walrus and the carpenter            The parable of the wise and foolish builders from Matthew 7, in verse

Fields are ripe for harvest                 A mime and notice sandwich based on Matthew 9:37-38

Keep it in the family                         Jesus' mother and brothers, based on Matthew 12, Mark 3 and Luke 8

The parable of the unforgiving servant The parable from Matthew 18:21-35 dramatised

The parable of the two daughters       Adaptation of the parable of the two sons from Matthew 21

No rent                                         The parable of the tenants in the vineyard, based on Matthew 21, Mark 12 and Luke 20

The roof’s coming in                        The healing of a man let down through the roof, based on Mark 2

The pigman’s story                          The healing of Legion from Mark 5 and Luke 8

A busy day                                     Jairus’ daughter and the woman with bleeding, enacted from Mark 5 and Luke 8 

The rich young ruler                         The story from Mark 10 and Luke 18

Bartimaeus                                    A blind man receives his sight, based on Mark 11:46-52

Pharisee                                        A monologue based on Luke 7:36-50

Queen of tarts                                Village gossip about Mary anointing Jesus with oil, based on Luke 7:36-50

The good Samaritan                        An update of the parable from Luke 10

Knock and the door shall be opened  Jesus teaches about prayer, based on Luke 11:1-10

The parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector   The parable updated, based on Luke 18

Emmaus Road                                An update of Jesus appearing to two disciples from Luke 24 

Unfaithful wife story of hope              Reading, commentary and prayer about the unfaithful wife in John 8:3-11

Blind man's bluff                             A dramatic version of the healing from John 9

Blind man story of hope                   Reading, commentary and prayer about the blind man in John 9

The I ams of Jesus                           A list of bible extracts, mostly from John

Peter story of hope                          Reading, commentary and prayer about Peter in John 21

Getting our acts together                  An abbreviated reading from Acts 1-13 emphasising the communal nature of church

Up before the beak                         The trial of Peter, John and the healed beggar based on Acts 4

Simon story of hope                        Reading, commentary and prayer about Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8

Ethiopian story of hope                    Reading, commentary and prayer about the Ethiopian official in Acts 8

Shaggy dog story                           Peter, Cornelius and the message of God from Acts 10-11, told as a shaggy dog story

Cornelius story of hope                    Reading, commentary and prayer about Cornelius in Acts 10-11

The Two Ronnies                            Peter's miraculous escape from prison, from Acts 12, along with Ronnie Corbett

Eye trouble afoot                            The eye looks down the nose at the foot, based on 1 Corinthians 12

Dear Galatian idiots                        The apostle Paul writes a letter - Galatians


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