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Imagine a conversation - Jesus and Barack Obama - by James Archer

This has parallels with Solomon's dream in 1 Kings 3.

The day after Barack Obama’s election victory.


Jesus      Congratulations on your election victory, Barack.

Obama  Thank you.  It’s kind of you to say so.  Any advice?

Jesus      Remember who you are.

Obama  What do you mean?

Jesus      Well, who do you think you are?

Obama  Barack Hussein Obama.  President-elect of the United States of America.

Jesus      Go on.

Obama  … er … husband, father, grandson, son, …

Jesus      Exactly.

Obama  … the voice of change, embodiment of the American dream, leader of the free world, …

Jesus      Messiah?

Obama  Eh?

Jesus      Messiah to the masses.  Saviour of the universe?  The One who will lead the people into a brave new world where                   there’s no more greed, injustice, hatred or pain?  Walk on water, turn water into wine, …

Obama  I can’t do that!

Jesus      Remember that.  It’s what they expect.  Look what happened to me – five days after proclaiming me as king, they were               baying for my blood.

Obama  So what should I do?

Jesus      Follow me.  Harness yourself to me, for my harness is easy and my burden is light.

Obama  I could do with that.  I can already feel the weight of expectation, the burden of insoluble problems.  Any more advice?

Jesus      Read my book – all of it, not just the bits people point out.  Get a feel for my heart for humankind.  There’s lots of stories              – how not to lead as well as how to do so.  You’ll find it reads differently from your new perspective.

Obama  Thanks, I’ll try and do that.

Jesus      And remember – you can’t change people’s hearts – only I can do that.  Is there anything else you want from me?

Obama  I’m only young and inexperienced, the son of a goatherd.  Give me wisdom to govern this great people well.

Jesus      I will, so long as you follow me.  Start with 1 Kings chapter 3.

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