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Some of the items on this list are "alternative" bible readings, mainly making unusual combinations of bible passages.  Some are poems or stories that are suitable for reading.  What they all have in common is that they can be read from a script and do not need to be learned.

Items listed under Monologues and Stories of Hope are not replicated here.

In the beginning (Genesis/Job)              A medley of readings about creation from Genesis 1 and Job 38

The story of creation                            The story in rhyming verse

Paradise lost                                      Adam and Eve in rhyming verse

His love endures for ever                      A celebration of praise based on Psalm 136

Psalm medley                                     A psalm composed of verses from many psalms

Christmas revisited                               The Christmas story updated to the modern era 

In the beginning (Genesis/John)             A multi-lingual medley of readings from Genesis 1 and John 1

Refugees                                            The flight into Egypt and return to Nazareth

Two wise owls                                    Simeon and Anna in the temple

The meek shall inherit the earth               A tongue-in-cheek notice based on the beatitude

The walrus and the carpenter                 The wise and foolish builders in verse

The I AMs of Jesus                                The sayings collated

Getting our acts together                       An abbreviated reading of Act 1-13 focused on togetherness

Shaggy dog story                                Cornelius, Peter and the message of God

Take this                                             The last supper

Emmaus road                                       Jesus appears on a road near you

Athanasian creed                                 A modern translation of the ancient statement of Trinitarian faith

Born free                                            An anarchist, a bore and Jesus explain their philosophy of life in verse

Imagine - Jesus and Barack Obama         An imaginary conversation just after Obama's election victory

Imagine - Jesus and Osama bin Laden      An imaginary conversation about holiness, hatred and love

Imagine - Jesus and Richard Dawkins        An imaginary conversation about the existence of God

Imagine - Jesus and Tess of the d'Urbervilles  An imaginary conversation about love and a troubled life

Imagine - Jesus reviews TV                      A TV review of Wife Swap, Faking It and Big Brother

The bible in brief                                  The story and message of the bible in order from each book

The parable of Piglet and Eeyore            An abbreviated reading from Winnie the Pooh turned into a talk

The man who loved ants                       A parable of the incarnation


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