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Christmas dramas

All her fault                                    Joseph's father reflects bitterly on the disgrace and the damage to the family

Angels, shepherds and sheep     A dramatised reading from Luke 2:8-20

Christmas bidding                        A bidding prayer for Christmas

Christmas revisited                        An updated Christmas bible reading

Gabriel’s message                         A monologue by Gabriel followed by choir practice for the audience

Gabriel’s visits                                A monologue by Gabriel telling of his Christmas visits

In the beginning                            A multi-lingual reading from Genesis 1 and John 1

Kiss and make up                          Joseph has just discovered that Mary is pregnant

No room                                        Three innkeepers answer the door

Posada handover Guess who     Handover of travelling Posada figures for church or school

Posada handover Knock knock    Handover of travelling Posada figures of Mary and Joseph for home

Ready                                             A monologue by Anna 12 years later covering both Jesus's visitts to the

                                                        temple while a child

Realpolitik                                      King Herod explains his actions

Refugees                                        A dramatised reading of parts of Matthew 2:13-23

Rumour monger                           A newspaper vendor in Jerusalem spreads rumours at the time of the wise

                                                       men's visit

The Child Carrier’s Tale                A monologue by Elizabeth when six months pregnant

The Innkeeper’s Daughter           A monologue in three parts – Christmas (risqué), Herod’s massacre (chilling),                                                             Good Friday (redeeming)

Sheepdog's Tale                           A monologue by a sheepdog which was guarding the sheep near Bethlehem

Three Wise Men                            A simple interactive search for the newborn king

Two Wise Owls                              Simeon and Anna at the temple - as either a drama or a dramatised reading

Uncle Zac’s special day                 A monologue about the angel’s appearance to Zachariah

Who’d be a mother?                     A monologue by the mother of Mary  

Zachariah story of hope                Reading from Luke 1:11-20 with Zachariah's perspective and a prayer

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