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One man and his dog           The relationship between Abraham and God  

The Christmas Story in Ten Monologues      A number of the monologues on this site pulled together into one story

All her fault                          Joseph's father reflects bitterly on the disgrace and the damage to the family 

Gabriel's visits                      The archangel tells of his visits 

Ready                                 Anna about Jesus's two childhood visits to the temple

Realpolitik                            King Herod explains his actions

Rumour monger                     A newspaper vendor in Jerusalem spreads rumours around the time of the wise men's


The child carrier's tale            Elizabeth when Mary visits

The innkeeper's daughter        In three parts, the inn at Bethlehem, Herod's massacre, and at the foot of the cross

The sheepdog's tale               The perspective of a dog guarding the sheep near Bethlehem

Uncle Zac's special day         A trainee priest tells of when Zachariah saw an angel

Who'd be a mother?             Mary's mother on the phone to Elizabeth for some advice

Pharisee                              A Pharisee extols his own righteousness

The freedom fighter                A zealot tells of his meetings with Jesus during the first Holy Week

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