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The Christmas story in Ten Monologues by James Archer

Printable and editable version of the full text

This brings together several of the Christmas monologues on this website into one coherent story. The index below provides lijnks to each of them; to printable and editable Word version at the top right contains the full text.



Gabriel’s visits – part one               The angel Gabriel tells of his visit to Zachariah.

Uncle Zac’s special day                 The narrator is Eleazar, a priest now in his fifties, who was in training in Jerusalem at the time

                                                  when the angel appeared to Zachariah.

Gabriel’s visits – part two                His next visit is to Mary.

Who’d be a mother?                     This is a phone call from Anne, the mother of Mary, to her cousin Elizabeth, the mother of John

                                                   the Baptist, shortly after the angel has appeared to Mary. 

The child carrier’s tale                     The narrator is Elizabeth when she is six months pregnant.

Gabriel’s visits – part three               He visits Joseph in a dream.

The innkeeper’s daughter – part one  The narrator is the daughter of the innkeeper at the inn in Bethlehem where Jesus was born.

Gabriel’s visits – part four                 He brings the choir along when he visits the shepherds.

The sheepdog’s tale                        The narrator is a sheepdog who was guarding the flocks near Bethlehem on the night the

                                                   angels appeared to announce the birth of a saviour.

Ready – part one                           The narrator is Anna who was in the temple with Simeon.

Rumour monger                              A newspaper vendor on the streets of Jerusalem around the time of the visit of the wise men. 

The innkeeper’s daughter – part two   Eighteen months later in Bethlehem.

Realpolitik                                     King Herod explains his actions

Gabriel’s visits – part five                 His final visits to Joseph.

All her fault                                    Joseph’s father reflects bitterly on the disgrace and the damage to the family


Ready – part two                            Twelve years later in Jerusalem.

The innkeeper’s daughter – part three  Thirty years later in Jerusalem.

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