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Passion and Easter dramas

Passion service                               A complete service including dramas and liturgy from Palm Sunday to Good Friday

The Passover Story from 7 angles       A collection of monologues and simple dramas telling the story from Palm Sunday to Easter

From Our Own Correspondent          A BBC news team report from Passover week

The Verger                                     A temple verger sees Jesus at work

Take this                                        Forgiveness, based on the Last Supper (Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22, John 13)

The Olive Grove                             The apostle John worries about Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26, Mark                                                         14, Luke 22, John 18)

The servant girl                               A monologue by the girl who challenged Peter while Jesus was on trial (Mt 26, Mk 14, Lk


Good Friday service                        A complete service including dramas and liturgy for Good Friday

Day of the cross                              Dramatised reading medley from Luke 23, Mt 27, Mk 15, Jn 19, Isaiah 53 and Ps 22

Emmaus Road                                An update of Jesus appearing to two disciples from Luke 24 

Peter story of hope                          Reading, commentary and prayer about Peter in John 21

The freedom fighter                         A monologue in four parts by the penitent thief from Luke 23

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