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The parable of the two daughters - by James Archer

Based on Matthew 21:28-32


Narrator  And Jesus taught them in parables, saying: “There was once a woman who had two daughters, Eleanor and Sarah.                  Eleanor was a well-behaved girl, but Sarah (whispers) was a bit of a rebel.  Let us see what happened at the end of                  tea-time one day after school.

Mother   (Getting up from table)  All right, girls, time to go and do your homework.

Sarah     Not tonight, Mum.  Its only maths, and its boring.  I’m going round to see Katie next door.  (Gets up to leave)

Mother   (As she goes)  Sarah……….. go and do your homework!  (Sarah ignores her and disappears.  Mother is                                exasperated.)

Eleanor   (Self-righteously)  I’m going to do mine, Mum.  (Mum leaves, Eleanor gets out school books and starts to work)

Narrator  But ……………… a few moments later …………..

Eleanor    (Looks around, sees magazine)  Ooh! That look interesting. (Starts to flick through, then settles down to read)

Sarah      (Comes back in on tiptoe.  Signals to Eleanor to stay quiet, whispers)  Katie wasn’t in, but don’t tell Mum!  (Gets out                 school books and starts homework.  Eleanor continues to read magazine)

Narrator  (To children in congregation)  Now, which of the two girls do you think did what her mother told her?

Children  Sarah.

Narrator  Then Jesus said to them:  “Watch out, you churchgoers, because the bullies and cheats are going to heaven ahead of               you.  For they took God’s message to heart and repented, but you have carried on as before.”

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