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Posada handover: Knock knock - by James Archer

Posada is a Mexican tradition where figures of Mary and Joseph move from place to place during Advent.  This is designed for a hand-over where the figures are taken from one home to another.  It has been kept simple so that you can do it without worrying about what to say next.  The name “Givers” has been used for the people who are passing the figures on at the end of their time of having them, and the name “Receivers” has been used for those who are receiving them.  In practice, there may be several people on either side who share out the words between them.  Receiver 1 is envisaged to be a child or the younger, and Receiver 2 an adult or older.  Obviously people who are Receivers for one hand-over will be Givers for the next.


At the start, the Receivers are inside a house and the Givers are outside with the figures of Mary and Joseph (and the donkey) being held upright and so that they can be seen.  It can be adapted depending on the age and number of people in each group – you could include a cushion under the pullover to represent Mary’s swollen belly, and some bits are the sorts of things that only children would dare to say!  The bits in italics are stage directions, so do not need to be said.


Givers         (Givers walk up to the door and knock loudly)  Knock knock!

Receiver 1   (Not opening door) Who’s there?

Givers         Mary and Joseph ….. and a donkey.

Receiver 1   Go away!  We’re busy.

Givers         Can we come in?

Receiver 1   Hang on a minute, I’ll ask my Mum (or whoever is appropriate.  The person who answered the door goes and fetches                  the rest of the family).

Givers        Thank you.

Receiver 2   (Come back with others.  Mum opens door guardedly)  What do you want?

Givers        Somewhere to stay.  We’ve been travelling all day, and we’re tired.

Receiver 2  Go to the King’s Head (or name of local pub or hotel) then.

Givers        They’re full.  We’ve tried everywhere.

Receiver 2  Sorry, we haven’t got enough space for you.

Givers        Not even a garden shed?  The baby’s due any day now, so we can’t sleep on the street.

Receiver 1   Mum, they could sleep in my room.  I wouldn’t mind sleeping on the sofa.

Receiver 2   I suppose so.  Come in then (opens door wide).  Welcome to our home.

Receivers     (together)  Welcome to our home.

Givers        (Coming in) Bless you for your kindness.  And may God’s peace rest on this house.

Receiver 1   We couldn’t have left you outside in the cold.

Givers        (Handing over the figures one by one)  Receive these figures into your home …..

Receivers    (together) We receive these figures into our home

Givers        ….. as a symbol of receiving the Lord Jesus into your hearts.

All            Amen.

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