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Posada handover: Guess who? - by James Archer

Posada is a Mexican tradition where figures of Mary and Joseph move from place to place during Advent.  This is designed for a hand-over in a church or school where the figures are brought back to a central place to be taken to somewhere else.  It has been kept simple so that you can do it without worrying about what to say next.  The name “Giver” has been used for the person who is passing the figures on at the end of their time of having them, and the name “Receiver” has been used for the person who is receiving them.  Obviously the Receiver for one hand-over will be the Giver for the next.


At the start, everyone is in one room, and the figures of Mary and Joseph (and the donkey) are set up where everyone can see them.  The bits in italics are instructions which you need to think about in advance.


Giver        (Whispering loudly to a neighbour)  We had a visitor last night!

Receiver    (Whispering back) Who was that then?

Giver        You’ll never guess who.

Receiver    Your gran (or someone else in the family who does not normally live with you).

Giver        No.

Receiver    The vicar (or someone else most people in the room know).

Giver        No, someone famous.

Receiver    (Choose the name of your favourite, musician, sportsperson etc, eg) Madonna?

Giver        No – even more important than that.

Receiver    How about the Queen?

Giver        Too young.  I told you you’d never guess.

Receiver    Who was it then?

Giver        God.

Receiver    God!?

Giver        Yes.  He needed a place to stay for the night.

Receiver    Wow!  You mean He asked you if He could come and stay?

Giver        Yes.  He’s getting ready to turn up on earth

Receiver    Why did He ask you?

Giver        He wants to live with me for ever.

Receiver    What did you do with Him last night?

Giver        (Say what you did, eg) We watched television together, and then we talked.

Receiver    What does He look like?

Giver        It’s a secret.  He’s in disguise.

Receiver    No!  What as?

Giver        He’s coming as a baby.  He’s still in His Mummy’s tummy (or He’s not been born yet), so we had His Mum and Dad                  to stay.

Receiver    Where are they now?

Giver        Over there.

Receiver    Will you introduce me to them?

Giver        Of course.  (Goes over to the figures)  This is Mary and Joseph and the donkey

Receiver    D’you think He’d come and stay with me.

Giver        I’m sure He would, if you ask Him.

Receiver    Lord Jesus, will you come and stay with me today?  (Takes the figures gently and puts them somewhere close to them)

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