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Imagine a conversation - Jesus and Richard Dawkins - by James Archer

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This has some parallels with Jesus meeting Saul on the Damascus Road in Acts 9.


Scene: Dawkins is sitting alone at the kitchen table with a mug of coffee in his hands. He has obviously been there for a while, and as the scene opens is coming to the end of a long rant to himself.  Jesus is out of sight throughout the scene.  


Dawkins  ….. It’s absolutely outrageous…. The source of all evil in the world ….

Jesus       Why, Richard?  Why?

Dawkins  (turning round) Who’s there?

Jesus       Why are you so angry with me?

Dawkins  (looks around, puzzled.  Stands up, opens door, finds no one there.  Sits down again bewildered.  Pulls himself                        together)  This is ridiculous.  It can’t be happening.

Jesus       But it is.  Don’t you want to talk?

Dawkins  Who are you, playing tricks on me?

Jesus       I am Jesus, who you are persecuting.

Dawkins  Eh?  You were dead two thousand years ago.

Jesus       I was dead, but I am alive again, and I live for evermore.

Dawkins  Don’t be absurd.  When you’re dead, you’re dead.  It stands to reason.

Jesus       How do you know?  Can you prove it?

Dawkins  By science.  When you die, you’re dead.  You rot or you get burned.  That’s it.

Jesus       Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Dawkins  Exactly.

Jesus       Observation.

Dawkins  Billions of times, the laws of science.

Jesus       But you can’t prove it.  That’s the problem with science.

Dawkins  What do you mean?

Jesus       You can’t prove a theory by finding more cases that match it.  But you only need one to disprove it.

Dawkins  Agreed.  But one out of trillions – the conclusion’s obvious.

Jesus       What’s that?

Dawkins  Misdiagnosis.  False evidence. Deception.  Wishful thinking.

Jesus       I couldn’t have put it better myself.  I won’t force you – that isn’t my way.  But you haven’t answered my question.

Dawkins  Which was?

Jesus       Why are you so angry with me?

Dawkins  (violently and getting shriller as he continues)  Because it’s all a pack of lies.  Your people are crooks, exploiting the                  weak for their own selfish ends, promoting hatred in your name.  You could have stopped them if you wanted, if you                  were so kind and loving.  You’re a Fraud!

Jesus       So you’re obsessed by what you don’t believe exists.  Haven’t you got anything more logical, more scientific, to do                  with your life?

Dawkins  Meaningless.  Meaningless.  Everything is meaningless.

Jesus       Without God.

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