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His love endures for ever - by James Archer


An adaptation of Psalm 136 for antiphonal reading for a service based on the story of Esther.  This could be revised to reflect any other story of God’s good news.


The congregation responds after each line,His love endures for ever.”



Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.

Give thanks to the God of gods.

Give thanks to the Lord of lords.


To Him who alone does great wonders,

Who by His understanding made the heavens and the earth,

Who gives food to every creature.


To Him who raised Esther to be queen of Persia,

Who rescued Israel from the plots of Haman,

Who saved his people from the hands of their enemies.


To Him who sent His Son Jesus to save us from our sins,

To preach good news to the poor, freedom for prisoners and sight for the blind,

Who remembered us in our time of need,

And has showered us with the blessings of His love.


Give thanks to the God of heaven.


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