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Born Free by James Archer

(This is a stylised poem from three different characters, an anarchist, a bore and Jesus.  It is suggested that all three are on stage together, with Jesus in the middle, almost reminiscent of the crucifixion where he has a criminal on either side, each hurling abuse at him.  There is little movement in this, but what there is needs to be in character.)



 Hey, man!  I’m me!

I was born to be free!

Free to love and free to hate,

Free to spoil and free to create,

Free to live and free to kill,

Free to do whatever I will,

Free to give and free to take,

Free to mend and free to break,

Free to work and free to laze,

Free to choose what to do with my days.

So leave me be!  I don’t want to know

Your rules that prick my conscience so;

They tie me down – I was born to be free.

I’ll run my life, so just let me be me!



 Hello there.  I’m me.

I was born to be free;

Free to set my rules for life,

To love my children and my wife,

To care for my parents as they get old,

And go to church, where I suffer the cold.

I set off for work at half eight every day,

Back at ten in the evening – no time left for play.

Some think my life boring; I call it secure,

For I never do anything not done before.

So let me be;  I don’t want to know

What I’m meant to be doing.  Don’t call me to go;

I’ve no sense of adventure.  I was born to be free.

I’ll run my life, so just let me be me.



Peace be with you!  I am he

Who was born to set you free!

I love you so much that I suffered and died

To have you in paradise right by my side.

Will you love me, obey and trust me to be

Lord of everything, anything?  Come, follow me!

When I give you commands, they’re designed for the best,

To give you fulfilment, enjoyment and rest.

I’m not just a spoilsport; I want you to be

Free to be you to the fullest degree.

So come with me!  I want you to know

What I fashioned you for; I command you to go

To the world with my love, which will set people free!

I’ll run your life, if you’ll let me be me.

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