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Other dramas

These dramas are presented in alphabetical order of title.

Athanasian Creed                                     The ancient statement of the doctrine of the Trinity translated and dramatised

Born Free                                                 An anarchist, a bore and Jesus explain their philosophy of life

Build your Church                                      A phone-in programme on building the church

Disrupting the Church                                  Screwtape seeks advice from Woodworm on how to disrupt the church

Imagine - Jesus and Barack Obama               An imaginary conversation just after Obama's election victory

Imagine - Jesus and Osama bin Laden            An imaginary conversation about holiness, hatred and love

Imagine - Jesus and Richard Dawkins              An imaginary conversation about the existence of God

Imagine - Jesus and Tess of the d'Urbervilles     An imaginary conversation about love and a troubled life

Imagine - Jesus reviews TV                            A TV review of Wife Swap, Faking It and Big Brother

Rough Justice                                              A good man and a crook in court for their sins

Shopping                                                  Reasons not to shop - a parable of why people don't go to church

A Short History of Time                                 A three-act revue evening of dramatic sketches forming the story of the bible

The Bible in Brief                                         A condensed version of the bible in its own words in order - in about 150 verses

The Parable of Piglet and Eeyore                    Piglet takes Eeyore a balloon for his birthday

The Parable of the Man who loved Ants           A parable of the incarnation

What can I gain?                                        Moving from a consuming culture to a giving culture in the church 

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